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Bothell Football's 9th annual Mattress Fundraiser is right around the corner on Sunday, May 19th!  This fundraiser helps us get ALL PLAYERS to camp each summer, which helps our team unite and work cohesively, which results in WINS!  


How it works: 

CFSBeds brings the showroom to Bothell High School. Customers can test out over 25 brand new, brand name beds in all different styles and feels, just like they would at a mattress store. Customers purchase from CFSBeds, and then mattresses are custom made to order in the size(s) needed. Customers buy something they need, save money, and support our program all at the same time! 


Not in the market for a new bed? 

That’s okay! All we need is your help spreading the word about this event!  If every (group) family finds one person in the market for a new mattress and gets them to the event, we’ll reach our goal!  Here are a couple of ways you can easily share the event:

  • Take a picture of the attached referral flyer and text it to all of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and extended family members.

  • Ask people you talk to how they slept last night, then tell them about the event


$10,000+ in One Day!

Every purchase made the day of the event supports Bothell Football and our players; at the end of the day, we make 45-60% of the net profits, on average.  Our goal is to make over $10,000 in ONE DAY, all while providing our community with a fun, stress-free way to buy something they need, save some money, and get a better night’s sleep! 


Please help make this a huge success for Bothell Football!

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